Verify if an IBAN belongs to a company with Confiban

Businesses, banks and software vendors use the Confiban IBAN check for validation of Belgian bank account ownership.  

By verifying if an IBAN belongs to a company you can prevent fraud, misdirected payments and you can reduce manual work.

Our solutions

Secure Rest API

Instant account ownership validation, embedded in your tools and frictionless. Automate manual tasks without disrupting existing processes, through the Confiban easy-to-use and secure API.

Online web portal

Verify the account details of your Belgian third parties through the ready-to-use web portal. Enter the IBAN and the company combination in the Confiban portal and receive the outcome of the Confiban IBAN check directly.

For whom

For businesses

Want to integrate the Confiban IBAN check into your financial chain and make sure your employees can pay your suppliers and partners with confidence? Use our Confiban API or portal to check the IBANs of Belgian suppliers.

For banks

Make your online banking environment an even safer place for your users by adding Confiban to your fraud prevention measures. Improve your user’s banking flows such as executing payments or managing beneficiaries, with an automated IBAN ownership check leveraging the Confiban API.


For software vendors

Are you developing a financial application? Get an edge over your competitors by using the Confiban API in your platforms.


A quick check makes a big difference

Unfortunately, invoice fraud is big business and is gaining ground the last couple of years. With Confiban we provide the right tools to help combat invoice fraud. Confiban verifies the combination of a bank account number and the name of the Belgian account holder and returns a warning if the combination does not match.


By checking whether an account
number and a company name
match, invoice fraud and misdirected
payments can be prevented.


Financial losses can have a big


Getting financial losses
reimbursed is an extensive and
exhausting process and offers
no guarantees.

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