Confiban for banks

Compliance as a service

Make your online banking channel an even safer place for your users by checking if the IBAN and beneficiary combination entered in a payment match.

With the rise of instant payments, the need for robust payment security measures increases. On 26 October 2022, the European Commission has put forward a legislative proposal on instant payments. The proposal holds an obligation for payment service providers to verify the match between the bank account number (IBAN) and the name of the beneficiary as provided by the payer.

What can it do for you

Checking the recipient’s name against the account number before executing a transaction prevents misdirected payments and reduces the risk of fraud, by confirming that the payee’s details are accurate before proceeding with the payment. Such checks can be integrated for instant payments as well as regular credit transfers.

With Confiban for banks an IBAN check can be integrated into the online banking channel to verify payment details:

  • Provide instant feedback on payee details
  • Prevent fraud
  • Prepare upcoming EU regulation 
  • Prevent misdirected payments
  • Increase the user’s confidence

How does it work


The Confiban for banks solution connects payer and payee banks. When a payment is entered, details of the payee can easily be validated by the payee bank. In case the payment details do not match, you can decide to inform your user or block the payment before processing.

Confiban for banks is a highly secure, API centric service specifically designed to adapt to bank constraints and processes. It allows upcoming EU regulation compliance with minimal changes in your payment processes while keeping full-control over the exchanged data.

The Confiban for banks solution offers:

  • Complete control over your data
  • An API centric service
  • A managed or unmanaged solution 
  • A scalable and secure solution
  • Performance tailored to online payment experience