Confiban for software vendors

More functionalities for your services

Does your software foresee a module to prepare payments, manage payment details of suppliers (procure-to-pay flow) or manage payment details of customers (order-to-cash flow)?

Add value in your software by providing an integrated validation of bank accounts of Belgian third parties. By integrating such validation in your tools, you can reduce the time spent by your customers on manual account ownership validation.

What can it do for you

Within the procure-to-pay and the order-to-cash flows there is a need for your customers of maintaining accurate and up-to-date third party information including reliable bank account data. Confiban can be included into your existing tools offering an automated validation on the combination of a Belgian IBAN and a Belgian company.

With Confiban your software can:

  • Provide automated account validation
  • Reduce manual work for your customers
  • Protect your customers against B2B payment fraud

The Confiban API can be integrated to add value at different stages in the following business processes:

  • Verification of supplier payment data
  • Payment creation
  • Verification of customer accounts

How does it work

Confiban allows to check the combination of an IBAN and a company. By providing the IBAN and the company name or the IBAN and the company ID (Unique Enterprise Number or VAT number) of your counterparty, you can instantly verify if the provided combination is correct.

With Confiban you get immediate access to:

  • A secure and easy to integrate API
  • Instant verifications
  • An up-to-date data source
  • Support for integrations