Confiban for businesses

IBAN validation as a service

Enhance security and increase efficiency when validating bank accounts of third parties by integrating Confiban into your business processes. 

Verifying account ownership manually can be error-prone and time-consuming. Confiban allows to easily validate if a Belgian IBAN belongs to a Belgian company and provides an alert if an anomaly is found. Through such validation, you can better protect your businesses against B2B payment fraud and errors, while reducing manual work and follow up.

What can it do for you

Adding or updating supplier or customer bank account data in your systems often requires manual verification steps. With Confiban, you can automate such verifications, ensure more efficient processes and enhance your process security. 

  • Automated bank account validation
  • Integrated into your business processes
  • Reduce manual work and follow up
  • Prevent B2B payment fraud
  • Prevent errors in account data of third parties

Within the procure-to-pay process there is a need of maintaining correct supplier information including reliable bank account data. Confiban can be included into your existing processes, providing assurance on your counterparty data while saving time and effort. 

  • Real time alerts
  • Reliable third-party data
  • Integration in the procure-to-pay process

How does it work

Confiban allows to check the combination of an IBAN and a company. By providing the IBAN and the company name or the IBAN and the company ID (Unique Enterprise Number or VAT number) of your counterparty, you can instantly verify if the provided combination is correct.

Confiban is available through API, for integration into your business applications directly, or through a web portal for online verifications.

  • Instantly see if an IBAN and a company match
  • Easy to integrate API
  • Web portal for online checks